How well do you know the Creatus?

Collage Creatus

How well do you know the Creatus Series? If you’re already a fan, you might be able to answer some of the questions below without looking. If you haven’t read the Creatus Series, click on the link of your favorite retailer for more information on this new twist of the myths you’ve heard your entire life. Then come back and play. 🙂

Simply send your answers to Carmen [@] Carmen DeSousa [DOT] com. If you’ve only read the prequel, send me your answers, and each month, I’ll send one reader the boxed set. Yes, you can enter every month until you win. BUTif you don’t want to wait to win and go ahead and read all the books and answer all the questions, I’ll register you to win the complete set of my Southern Romantic-Suspense Collection. That’s five books with a value of $20.95! This is an ongoing contest through December 2014.

The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal storyit’s a realistic twist of the myths you’ve heard your entire life. Prepare to believe…

The Prequel ~ Creatus (They Exist)

Book One ~ Creatus 

Book Two ~ Creatus Rogue

Creatus Eidolon is Coming Soon!

Kindle Unlimited Members, read the entire series FREE!

Here are the questions if you’d like to copy and paste, so you can find them while you read. But I assure you, they’re easyafter you’ve read. 🙂

Creatus (They Exist)

The first night Derrick meets Janelle, where does he follow her home from?

What’s creatus’ favorite food?

How is Janelle related to Kristina?

Who said: “You are so not a guy.”

Who said: “The family won’t allow it. She’s a liability. And if it didn’t work…”

From Creatus (Book One)

What mythical creatures are creatus most like?

What’s special about Derrick’s mom?

What secret does Ry share with Vic?

Who said: Maybe she was dead, because she could swear she’d just heard him say he’d be back.

Who said: “That was some kiss.”

From Creatus Rogue (Book Two)

What does Vic drive?

What city is the safe house in?

What’s Vic’s favorite wine?

Who said: “You really are a dominatrix, aren’t you?”

Who said: “Do you realize I could kill you right now? Don’t make me snap this beautiful, slender neck…”

Creatus Boxed Set

What’s the VERY last word in the boxed setbefore Amazon asks you to rate the book?


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